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Open a bank in Russia.

With the financial standing of Russians improving with every passing day and incomes growing, opening a bank looks like an exciting opportunity to set up your business.

Project success potential – opening a bank in the current environment is a sound long-term investment.

At the moment, there are five types of banks:

a) Credit Bank – assets in such a bank are based on the client’s debts, and liabilities are based on its own funds.

b) Clearing Bank – such a bank focuses on customer settlement and cash services.

c) Market Bank – assets in such a bank are dominated by securities, with liabilities created with its own funds.

g) Retail Bank – such banks have diverse assets and provide a wide range of financial services.

e) Interbank financial institutions – such banks make profits by cooperating with other banks and carrying out interbank transactions.

To open a bank, you will have to register a private limited company and obtain a number of necessary documents and permits, with the main ones including:

a) The General License of the Central Bank to engage in banking activities

b) The License of the Federal Commission on Securities Market

c) The License of the Central Bank of Russia to engage in operations with precious metals

d) The Resolution of the State Customs Committee

e) The Bank Registration Certificate of the Central State Assay Supervision Inspectorate

IBC   specialists have enough professional experience to help implement any project, however complex, in the banking sector in the Russian Federation.

To effectively manage a banking business, IBC has organized a special project that involves full-fledged activities:

Managing a bank,

Registering a representative office (firm),

Detailed business strategy,

Market research,

Advertising campaign,

Buying or leasing a building,

Personnel selection and training,


Legal security,

IT services

Reporting to owners.